Leadership-Workshop: Führen mit Vision - schnelle Entscheidungen ermöglichen

Ziel: Empowerment Team-Leadership

Spezialisierung: Digitalisierung ihrer Dienstleistungen

Ziel: Neues digitales Produkt

für Vereine & Unternehmen

Ziel: Neue Kunden / Sponsoren / Mitglieder & Kundenbindung

Business Development for companies (general)

General consultant with your vision on focus. Combining the principles of a successful sport team.

BD: Digitalisation

Transform your products & services to a digital product: App etc. (Strategy & concept)

BD:  Webdesign

Build a new trendy website like this for your company with the basic of Wordpress (CMS) 

BD: Podcast

First support for your own podcast. Which microphone to use? Which host? How to produce it? How to make the construction? All things we reach together

BD: Product & personal development with goals

Learning from your employees & customers with goal talks, combing it with your philosophy & vision to create new ideas for new products or services

BD: Concept strategy

Analysing your concept and give new ideas. Are you on your right way to your vision?

BD:  Marketing communication strategy

Build a marketing strategy for your project or company. With focus on online channels , costs and media planing.

Leadership workshops

Do you want to learn some leadership principles from my coaching style? And create your own ones? Time for a workshop and creating rules and rituals.

Inspiration Keynote: The way to my vision

Do you want to  have new inspiration to reach your vision? Maybe my keynote about my special way to reach my vision could be something for you.