The story

How to combine Basketball Coaching & Business Development? The answer are Goals, Concepts and Leadership


Every player is important and has certain personal goals and wishes, employees too

Some players want to develop their defense, others want to improve their shooting, others want more responsibility and so on.

Are goals and wishes from players and employees only good for them? I would say: No, because in basketball every player can change a game completely, being creative or giving everything he could. 

For companies, the goals and wishes could help developing new products or the efficiency is getting even higher. And of course the working atmosphere is much better you can imagine. By the way it improves your image.

  • Concentration – Focus on things that really matters
  • Self-confidence – It is time to know what you really are
  • Motivation – Know why you’re doing things and support other people
  • Imagination – Visualize your goals and steps
  • Teambuilding – Grow into a unit


What counts, are results and attractiveness. But the process is most important

The precondition for success are the players / employees. But on the end what counts are results. Wins in sport and profit in companies. How to get the results?

In our team we have a strategy how to play our sport: an offense, defense and transition strategy. It is a concept with a solid construction with special rules and automatics. So we know how to play. And that should be clear for every single player.

We have a main target to get a basket but every player has enough freedom for his strength and creativity. So the system is the same with a lot of ways to interpret it. It is flexible.

  • Strategy – what is the big plan to follow?
  • Structure – how to bring it to action?
  • Rules – how to deal to each other?  which values are important?


How to combine the goals from the players with the own concept and expectation?

Leadership is always a big challenge. Especially for me. I am young, younger than a lot of my players. Always there is the question? How old are you? From my players? No – only from outside. But what really matters is the team and the success.

There is a chance for good results if there is one focus. Our target. Winning. Following a plan, your plan. Everybody has his own expectation about what to do. And there are a lot of different meanings. 

If you want to be a good  leader you have to be authentic. It is your way that fits to you. And of course is has to fit to the players, too. Have a concept containing your big ideas with enough space for your players.

  • Be authentic – behave like you are
  • Empowerment – responsibility creates energy and focus
  • Ask more – What wishes have your players? What is important for them?
  • Be a model – everything you demand you must live yourself 
  • Feedback – for and from players – grow together
  • Leaders create leaders